Sand River Publishing Newsletter

 First acknowledgement of the online book store.  The book has always been a dream. In saying that I couldn't  have done it without 2 very important people.  B.K  Taylor and Tex Ragsdale.

They continue to be with me on this newest adventure and keeping my dream alive. Thanks to the both of you.



Tex Ragsdale is the screenwriter for indie classic films Moontrap & follow-up film Moontrap: Target Earth; author of ebooks Spidertown & sequel Countdown in Spidertown. Longtime writer for advertising, internet, and Hollywood studios: Universal, Disney, Nickelodeon.

As we start into 2022  exciting things are happening in the New Year. Watch for upcoming events, charities, items of interest and lots of other fun things. I will keep you updated.

News for January. We now have a group started called The Blue Collar Follies Forum. On this Forum we also have a weekly tip which can help homeowners with improvements to make things better in your home. Check out the forum. It's a great way to interact.
News for February. We now have candles which are available in person. They are made in small batches and made with soy. They are vegan, phalate free and are non toxic to animals. 

News for May. Exciting things are happening weekly. The updated book will be coming out sometime in June so that's exciting. I'm also getting some stickers made up to pass out. Watch for upcoming shows and book signings towards the summer.

News for June. The back cover is complete and the book is at the printers waiting for final approval as of June 22nd. So exciting. Update as of June 27th. The original book is now retired and we are now doing pre order sales before the launch with a 10% discount. The launch is expected in about a week. Also the stickers are finished with a  union bug on them. For the month of June we donated to PR Kids in Detroit. June 28th the book is printed.

News for July. The paperback book is now available on the online store as of July 3rd. We also have an ebook available on the online store and Amazon. As of July 26th the ebook is now available in 171 countries and 60 online stores
The Building Tradesman has done a story on The Blue Collar Follies. It is a Union Publication in Michigan with over 45,000 members in the construction union workforce. So exciting getting the word out and continuing on with the dream. Thanks to Wade Kovach and Marty Mulcahy for making this article happen. Means a lot.
News for August. Lots going on. We're booked in for the Woods-N-Water Show September 9th, 10th and the 11th in Imlay City,  Michigan. Should be a fun show. We sent a copy of the book to Jim Shockey who's a Canadian icon . He's so instrumental in the outdoors with his outfitting, TV shows, writing and many other endeavors.  Also we're getting t shirts  made up too.
News for September. Congrats to Eddie for winning my random drawing for a $50 check from Sand River Publishing at the Woods-N-Water show. You entered when you purchased a copy of The Blue Collar Follies. His mom and dad bought him a copy and Eddie wrote down his name. I'm so excited that he won and couldn't be happier. About 10 people bought books for their kids, and I can now say that it's for all ages. I sold some books and candles and learned a lot at the show while meeting so many great people. Congrats again to Eddie on winning the random drawing.

Good morning everyone. This month's donation from Sand River Publishing (The Blue Collar Follies) goes to Cliff and Tammy Patton in memory of their daughter. So awesome to give back even in a small way. Check out their story and cause below. Cliff is a Local 636 hand and is a great guy.

This21st Annual stuffed Animal & Blanket Drive in memory of Tammy and Cliff daughter, Erin T.M. Patton.
Erin was born 9/18/2001 with a few severe heart defects and died on October 4, 2001 two days after open heart surgery. In keeping Erin’s memory alive as well as others who have suffered from congenital heart defects, we collect NEW ONLY stuffed animals every year and donate them to the NICU and PICU units at Children’s Hospital of Detroit where her short life was lived, Ticker Club of Detroit Children's Hospital that services Heary Defect Patients, St. John Main hospital Peds and PICU unit, and Children’s Hospital cardiac department in Clinton Twp. We will also collect monetary donations to purchase stuffed animals.


News for October. I'm so excited. 2 big shows back to back. Lots of work but worth it. It's great to meet new people, get more experience and sell more books.