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You forgot to say goodbye at woods in water show in Michigan. Glad to meat you.

Curt R. Jordan

I smiled, and sometimes laughed out loud, throughout this book! Having grown up in Detroit, I appreciate the skilled trades and all those who work in them! These stories were humorous and I can picture them as they happened due to the clear writing and fun illustrations!

Marguerite Schervish

Awesome read Darin! Life exactly like we all experience it. We are all enjoying the read here in Algonquin Highlands! Many laughs, a few chuckles, and a great stress reliever.

Lloyd Sullivan

I have both editions of this book I love reading the stories and experiences of all the working people that are in the book. The new colors added to the latest version is really amazing it helps bring the characters to life. I can’t wait for another book with more stories.

Robert T Durfee

Local 98 thanks Daren for another donation to one of out charity houses. Daren chose to donate to PR kids, they are renovating a house in Detroit.
The house will provide safe and clean environment to feed and take care of young babies of women who need help with supplies or advice for their babies.
Thank you Daren for your continued support of Local 98 charities. God bless

Wade Kovach Local 98

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