Thank you to Blue Collar Follies for the support and donation! The donation will help us to continue and expand our mission! Thank you for giving back and all you do!!! The minis are very grateful . The donation will help us create more magical moments for children.

Dina Morgan, December 13, 2021

OMG,I just received my copy of the blue collar follies on Friday afternoon. I ripped it open,grabbed a coffee and began to read.
Darren,it’s perfect. The way that you put pen to paper is fantastic. I can literally see each and every one of these adventures unfold right before my eyes! Lol The illustrations add just the right amount of insight as to what the situation might have looked like! Hee hee. Thank you for sharing these blue collar adventures with everyone that purchases a copy of you book and so kind of you to help others with support to charities. Proud to call you my friend!

Melanie, October 24, 2021

Such a fun, light, book. It makes my workday easier and let’s me know it’s okay to be human and not be perfect. Love that a portion goes to help others.

Tracy VanDeVelde, October 17, 2021

This is a fun read. I may not be a blue collar worker myself, but I truly enjoyed the stories that are being shared. We also appreciate the support they recently gave us for our Sanctum House fundraiser.

Bridget Swope, October 13, 2021

Thank you to the Blue Collar Follies for their continued support for our annual charitable coat drive supporting Madison Academy of Flint!

Matt Underwood, September 15, 2021