For every book sold I will take a percentage and donate it to small charities around the country. Helping people and giving back is important to me. Even in the smallest of ways it makes a difference. I will choose a different charity every 3 months. Charities can add their own thoughts on the comments section of the store.

First donation I made was to Madison Academy of Flint (K thru 12) in September. The donation will provide some kids with warm jackets to wear in the winter. My motto is "Improving lives one book at a time"

December's donation was made to MANE IN HEAVEN. I picked this organization because I love what they do. The organization is in Barrington, Illinois and are a non profit organization. They connect people with miniature horse therapy to promote empathy, kindness and over all well being. They take their ponies to hospitals, nursing homes, Shriners etc. Their website is MANEINHEAVEN.orggiving

For March Sand River Publishing has donated to JAIME'S KIDS (Wencel Family Home Addition Project) in the Detroit area. The donation will go to some plumbing parts for this project. Its so great when you can give back even in a small way. I've also added some pics and more text explaining more about the project and why it got started.

Jaime Wencel, daughter of Debbie and Tom Wencel, died from complications shortly after giving birth to her 5th child. Jaime was an unwed mother. Debbie and Tom Wencel are now raising all 5 children Cara 13, Paige10, Jenna 8, Cayden 6 & Nina 4. They live in a modest two bedroom home and need to add on a second floor addition to provide the children with adequate space to grow

Debbie and Tom have spent their entire adult lives volunteering for their community. Debbie raised their three children, Tommy. Stacey and Jaime. Debbie is now raising her second family at the age of 62. Tom has worked in the construction business for 44 years as a union drywall finisher. Currently there's a project in the works to provide the Wencel family with the additional space they need. As of this moment the project is underway with the first phase.

 For the month of June Sand River Publishing has donated to PR Kids in Detroit through local 98 Plumbers Union. A house is being renovated that will provide a clean and safe environment for women who need help with supplies or advice for their babies.