For every book sold I will take a small percentage of sales and donate it to small charities around the country. Helping people and giving back is important to me. Even in the smallest of ways it makes a difference. I will choose a different charity every 3 months. Charities can add their own thoughts on the comments page.

December's 2022 contribution from Sand River Publishing is to the Madison Academy in Flint, Michigan. 34 new winter jackets, gloves and hats were given to deserving kids. Feels so awesome to be a part of this. I love to give back even in a small way and support local. It's the best feeling in the world. Sand River Publishing contributed to this last year as well.. Below is some of the kids with new jackets,, gloves and hats.

September's 2022 donation from Sand River Publishing (The Blue Collar Follies) goes to Cliff and Tammy Patton in memory of their daughter. Stuffed animals go to the Children’s Hospital in Detroit,  Michigan. So awesome to give back even in a small way. Cliff is a Local 636 hand and is a great guy.
































































This21st Annual stuffed Animal & Blanket Drive in memory of Tammy and Cliff daughter, Erin T.M. Patton.
































































Erin was born 9/18/2001 with a few severe heart defects and died on October 4, 2001 two days after open heart surgery. In keeping Erin’s memory alive as well as others who have suffered from congenital heart defects, we collect NEW ONLY stuffed animals every year and donate them to the NICU and PICU units at Children’s Hospital of Detroit where her short life was lived, Ticker Club of Detroit Children's Hospital that services Heary Defect Patients, St. John Main hospital Peds and PICU unit, and Children’s Hospital cardiac department in Clinton Twp. We will also collect monetary donations to purchase stuffed animals as well.































































































































































































For the month of June 2022, Sand River Publishing has donated to PR Kids in Detroit, Michigan with Local 98. A house is being renovated that will provide a clean and safe environment for women who need help with supplies and advice with their children.
































































 For the month of March 2022, Sand River Publishing has made a small donation to Michigan Building Trades/Local 98. It's going to JAIME'S KiDS (Wencel Family Home Addition Project) in Detroit, Michigan. The donation will buy some plumbing supplies. I love giving back even in a small way and always have.































































































































December's 2022 donation was made to MANE IN HEAVEN. I picked this organization because I love what they do. The organization is in Barrington, Illinois and are a non profit organization. They connect people with miniature horse therapy to promote empathy, kindness and over all well being. They take their ponies to hospitals, nursing homes, Shriners etc. Their website is































































































































First donation for Sand River Publishing was to to the Madison Academy in Flint (K thru 12) in September 2021. The donation will help provide jackets, hat and gloves for the kids.
































































































































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