• I enjoyed reading your book, and can relate to much of it. Thanks!

    Tom Kowalewski
  • Let’s start off with I’ve known Daren for a few years now, he’s a very stand up guy. It blew my mind when he came into our repair shop and gifted us with his book. Let me tell you the stories come to life and have you laughing like a kid again. It’s very uplifting to say the least. It shocked me even more when he brought some candle’s with him on his next visit.. all I have to say is OMG I know I’m a man and had to remind myself as I was telling him how amazing the Malibu Dream smells! I’d like to say to my delight it made my house smell like the candle. Needless to say I’ve got 3 different scents and they all are amazing!

    Jake pridemore
  • Great job on the book it put a smile on my face immediately. A great tool to turn a bad day into a great day.

    Ken Buggia
  • Thank you for the donation today for the Wencel family addition. Local 98 will put it towards materials for the kids new living space. God Bless

    Wade Kovach Local 98
  • Great stories. I can relate to all of them and the characters. I like the illustrations and is well written. Found myself laughing out loud many times. Thank you for the entertaining Blue Collar Follies. Cheers

    Jeff Denaro

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