About Us

I’m Daren Peel. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but grew up in Ontario, Canada, and so I naturally hunted, fished, camped and followed hockey. And still do today.

I'm a Union Master Plumber and an independent handyman, doing both jobs for the past 35 years. Before that I worked in lumber mills, made car batteries, picked mushrooms, cut firewood, worked as a security guard, and was a nuisance trapper, just to name a few.

I consider myself a blue collar guy, born and bred. It's who I am. And to me, “blue collar” is a badge of honor.

Over the years I've collected funny, sometimes crazy stories from working men and women in all kinds of trades and occupations, people who I've known and worked with. My friends kept asking me what I was going to do with all the stories … so I decided to write a book! And I want to thank Tex Ragsdale and B.K.Taylor for helping me make this dream come true.

Because I love to give back by doing volunteer work and donating to small local charities, a percentage of book sales will go to good causes around the country.

Sand River Publishing is all about providing wholesome entertainment based on real working people in all walks of life. "The Blue Collar Follies" series of illustrated books shares true stories of comical incidents from the workaday world, through print, digital, and audio editions. Our website aims to create a community of the actual "blue collar" people in our audience through photos and comments, as it contributes to small local charities and deserving causes across the country