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This News page will be updated every month on what's happening with Sand River Publishing and The Blue Collar Follies. This will include things in general with the book, upcoming shows, charities, etc. Past news can also be viewed on the Sand River Publishing page on Facebook.

APRIL 2024

Something a little different for this month. Up for work in Saskatchewan and I'm selling books to trades. So fun.

MARCH 2024

In March Sand River Publishing donated to Special Olympics in Michigan. A great cause. We also participated in the plunge which was exciting.



New things starting to happen this year.  Starting to book shows for the summer and the fall. Also were looking at donating to some different charities this year.


A new year has begun for Sand River Publishing and The Blue Collar Follies. Were working on a second book this year.  It should be available early next year. 


A donation was made to Madison Academy in Flint Michigan. Warm jackets, hats and mitts are given to kids who are in desperate need of them to keep warm in the winter. 

On December 16, 2023 The Blue Collar Follies will be at The Purple Door in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Drop by and say hi if your in the area.

Come join us on December 2nd and 3rd at the Clarkston High School craft show. Lots of great gifts for Christmas including books and candles from The Blue Collar Follies. 



So happy with the stickers I got made up to promote The Blue Collar Follies. You always wonder how their going to stand up even though their American made and Union printed. Well I can say the stickers are holding up better than I thought. This sticker was put on this hard hat 5 months ago and it's used every day. If anyone would like to promote my book and would like some stickers let me know and I'll ship some to you. 

November 18th and 19th Sand River Publishing and The Blue Collar Follies will be at Ferndale Underground in Ferndale, Michigan. It will be a great show to get some unique gifts for Christmas including a copy of The Blue Collar Follies. Mention this post and receive 10% off of a book. 


For this month we also have some amazing new candle scents for the fall. Send us an email and we can send you a list with the scents we have available 


If your in the area this weekend stop by the Clarkston High School in Clarkston, Michigan. There will be lots of great vendors including Sand River Publishing with The Blue Collar Follies. 

October 7th and October 8th is the Huron Township Apple Fest. 9am to 7pm on Saturday and 10am to 6 pm on Sunday. Mention this post and receive 10% percent discount on a book.


For the month of September Sand River Publishing made a donation to Team Patton Outreach. Team Patton Outreach raises upwards of 400 stuffed animals. The stuffed animals are given to St. Johns Hospital of Michigan in Detroit and Children’s Hospital Specialty Center in Clinton Twp, Michigan.

September 22nd to the 24th Sand River Publishing we will be at the Funky Ferndale Art Fair. If your in the area stop by and say hi.

Friday Sept. 8th, 3pm-9pm
Saturday Sept. 9th, 9am-7pm
Sunday Sept. 10 9am-7pm
If your in the area stop by and say hi. I'll be in the big tent. Mention this post and get 10% off.




For the month of August we have 2 shows. If your around one of these shows stop by and say hi.

JULY 2023

For the month of July we have something new. Wooden wick candles in all the scents you love.

JUNE 2023


This month an author's sign was made to help improve the exposure at the shows.  So far it's having a positive effect. 

 This month is also busy with shows. If your around any of these venues stop and say hi. It would be great to see you. If your at one of these shows mention this News page and receive a 10% discount. 

Trenton Summer Festival.                     Trenton, Michigan.                                 June 23- 25 2023


Lakeside Craft Show.                            Lexington, Michigan.                              June 17, 18 2023.                                  (Completed) 



Port Huron River Fest.                           Port Huron, Michigan                    June 9, 10 and 11th.  2023 (completed)


Detroit's Palmer Park Art Fair.              Detroit, Michigan                            June 3, 4  2023.  (Completed)





MAY 2023

A few things going on this month. We have a new banner for shows as a backdrop. It will definitely add to the setup.

We have 3 shows so far this month.  The first show is in Davisburg,Michigan, the second show is in St John's, Michigan and the third show is in Okemos, Michigan. . If your in the area stop by and say hi.

In St John's we are going to be trying out a canopy tent for the first time so we're looking forward to see how that goes. 

Month of April 2023

Went to the Novi Gun and Knife Show this month.

We're trying different shows this year to see what works and what doesn't. At the end of the year we will look at all the shows and which ones we're successful. Then we will push those shows next year. 


Month of March 2023

Well I got the hoodie and shirt in for the Local 98 benefit. Sand River Publishing is donating a book, shirt and hoodie for the cause. American made and Union printed. Even the book is printed in the U.S with American paper and ink. Means a lot to keep it that way.

We will be at the Mason/Lansing Gun and Knife Show Friday March 31st to Sunday April 2nd. If your in the area stop by and say hi.

Hi Everyone. For the month of March, Sand River Publishing is donating a hoodie, shirt and a book for a benefit event at Local 98. An apprentice who just got married and is 27 has cancer of the leg and lungs. They are removing a tumor in his leg and the cancer in his lungs is not progressing. Their having a dinner, silent auction and raffles to help pay for his medical expenses. They also have a Gofundme set up also. Feels so awesome to give back even just a little.

Month of February 2023

Congrats to Jim Clark on winning the random shirt draw for February.  Thanks for the support.                                             



We've got some different shows booked for this year. Everything from craft shows to gun and knife shows.  Check back for dates and where we're going to be.  It would be great to see you. 


Month of January 2023

Looking forward to the new year. There will lots of things happening. Upcoming shows, news articles, draws etc.

Congrats to Bridget Swope on winning the random shirt draw in January. 

Starting in January all returning customers will receive 20% discount on their next soft cover book. This is as a thank you for all the support. 

We have a new logo for Sand River Publishing. It will make a great addition to our marketing and business. 

The UP Magazine (Porcupine Press) has posted another story for the January/February edition.  They are taking a story from the book every 2 months. 

Do you love "the great outdoors"? Do you like to spend time hiking, swimming, hunting, boating, skiing, camping ... or any other outdoor sports or activities?
If you do, you must have a funny story to tell.
And The Blue Collar Follies wants to hear it!
Send us your story for our next "Outdoor Edition" and if it's published, you'll get a check for 50 bucks! Simple as that.
So enter NOW -- right here.


Month of December 2022

Hi everyone. New to the online store. Bayside hooded sweatshirt. Made in the U.S.A, heavyweight and comfortable. The print shop is union which is nice too. The price is 62 U.S plus shipping. I sold my first one on the weekend. I dont make any profit on these sweatshirts. The price is for the product and the printing. It's a great way to promote when customers are wearing them.

This month's contribution from Sand River Publishing is to the Madison Academy in Flint, Michigan. 34 new winter jackets, gloves and hats were given to deserving kids. Feels so awesome to be a part of this. I love to give back even in a small way and support local. It's the best feeling in the world. Sand River Publishing contributed to this last year as well.. Below is some of the kids with new jackets,, gloves and hats and a thankyou comment..

More exciting news with The Blue Collar Follies. The U.P Magazine ( The Porcupine Press) is doing a story about the book in the Christmas edition. This is a publication based in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I've been wanting to be in this publication and now it's coming true. I've been reading The Porcupine Press since the 90s. Onward we go. P.S Thanks so much to the U.P Magazine for doing the story.

Congrats to Gino Simiele on winning the 50 dollars random draw at the last show. He's using the cheque to put into a recognition dinner for his team at the church. So cool it's going to a good cause. Thanks Gino for the support.

 The Keepsake Show in Clarkston was a success.  Met a lot of great people and made a lot of great contacts.

Congrats to Frank Tello from Waterford, Michigan on winning December's random shirt draw. He does union drywall. Frank said he's going to wear it proud! Thanks for the support Frank.

A pic of J.W from Ontario with a copy of The Blue Collar Follies. He's 10 years old and makes little rustic benches for his family. I wanted one for the Homestead so we did a little deal with the book and a little cash. The bench looks awesome! He enjoys the book so that makes me happy. The book was always bought by trades but it's changed now. Men, women and kids from all ages and all walks of life love the book which is so awesome!

Also this month graphics were put on the SUV. Should give us more exposure. 


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